How to Buy Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil is a revolutionary tool that has changed the way we interact with our devices. It is a stylus designed specifically for use with Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro, and it has become an essential accessory for many artists, designers, and students. With its precise and responsive touch, the Apple Pencil allows for a more natural and intuitive drawing and writing experience on the iPad. If you are considering buying an Apple Pencil, this article will guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

Why Buy an Apple Pencil?

Before we dive into the details of how to buy an Apple Pencil, let’s first understand why you should consider buying one. Here are some of the key benefits of using an Apple Pencil:

  • Precision: The Apple Pencil offers unmatched precision and accuracy, making it perfect for tasks that require fine details, such as drawing, sketching, and note-taking.
  • Pressure sensitivity: The Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive, which means that it can detect how hard you are pressing on the screen. This feature allows for a more natural and realistic drawing experience.
  • Palm rejection: With the Apple Pencil, you can rest your hand on the screen while drawing without worrying about accidental marks. The iPad’s palm rejection technology ensures that only the Apple Pencil’s tip is recognized as input.
  • Compatibility: The Apple Pencil is compatible with a wide range of apps, including Apple’s own Notes and Pages, as well as popular third-party apps like Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Battery life: The Apple Pencil has a long battery life, with up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge. It also has a quick charge feature, where 15 seconds of charging gives you 30 minutes of use.

Types of Apple Pencil

There are currently two types of Apple Pencil available in the market: the first-generation Apple Pencil and the second-generation Apple Pencil. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First-generation Apple Pencil

The first-generation Apple Pencil was released in 2015 and is compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad (6th and 7th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro (1st and 2nd generation)

The first-generation Apple Pencil has a sleek and minimalistic design, with a smooth, matte finish. It has a removable cap that reveals a Lightning connector, which you can use to charge the Pencil by plugging it into your iPad. The Pencil also comes with an extra Lightning adapter, so you can charge it using a regular Lightning cable if needed.

One of the main drawbacks of the first-generation Apple Pencil is that it does not have a flat edge, which makes it prone to rolling off flat surfaces. It also lacks the magnetic attachment feature that the second-generation Pencil has.

Second-generation Apple Pencil

The second-generation Apple Pencil was released in 2018 and is compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad Pro (3rd and 4th generation)

The second-generation Apple Pencil has a more streamlined design, with a flat edge that prevents it from rolling off surfaces. It also has a matte finish but with a slightly rougher texture for better grip. The Pencil attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad Pro, where it also charges wirelessly.

In addition to the magnetic attachment, the second-generation Apple Pencil also has a double-tap feature, where you can double-tap on the Pencil to switch between tools or functions within an app. This feature is customizable, so you can set it to your preferred function.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Apple Pencil

Now that you know the types of Apple Pencil available, here are some factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, the first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with a wider range of iPad models compared to the second-generation Pencil. Make sure to check the compatibility of the Pencil with your iPad model before buying.
  • Price: The first-generation Apple Pencil is more affordable compared to the second-generation Pencil. However, if you have an iPad Pro (3rd or 4th generation), the second-generation Pencil is your only option.
  • Usage: Consider how you plan to use the Apple Pencil. If you are a professional artist or designer, the second-generation Pencil’s additional features may be worth the extra cost. However, if you are a casual user, the first-generation Pencil may suffice.
  • Accessories: The first-generation Apple Pencil comes with an extra Lightning adapter, while the second-generation Pencil comes with an extra tip. If you tend to lose small accessories, this may be a factor to consider.

Where to Buy an Apple Pencil

Now that you have decided which Apple Pencil to buy, the next step is to find a place to purchase it. Here are some options:

  • Apple Store: The most obvious place to buy an Apple Pencil is from an Apple Store. You can either visit a physical store or purchase it online from the Apple website. Buying from the Apple Store ensures that you are getting a genuine product with a warranty.
  • Third-party retailers: You can also purchase an Apple Pencil from third-party retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart. These retailers often offer discounts and deals, so it’s worth checking their prices before making a purchase.
  • Used or refurbished: If you are on a budget, you can also consider buying a used or refurbished Apple Pencil. However, make sure to purchase from a reputable seller and check the condition of the Pencil before buying.

Tips for Buying an Apple Pencil

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when buying an Apple Pencil:

  • Check for discounts: Keep an eye out for discounts and deals, especially during holiday seasons. You may be able to get a good deal on an Apple Pencil.
  • Consider a bundle: Some retailers offer bundles where you can purchase an Apple Pencil along with an iPad or other accessories at a discounted price.
  • Read reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other users to get an idea of their experience with the product.
  • Check return policy: In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, make sure to check the return policy of the retailer before buying.

In Conclusion

The Apple Pencil is a game-changer for iPad users, and it has become an essential tool for many professionals and creatives. When buying an Apple Pencil, consider the type, compatibility, price, and your usage to make an informed decision. You can purchase an Apple Pencil from an Apple Store, third-party retailers, or consider buying a used or refurbished one. Keep an eye out for discounts and deals, and make sure to read reviews and check the return policy before making a purchase. With the right Apple Pencil, you can take your creativity and productivity to the next level.

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