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SHAREit APK: The application absolutely excels in moving files from one smartphone to another having dissimilar operating systems. Having a file transfer speed of 20 MB per second, the hotspot direct Technology holds the main reason behind the success.

If you are absolutely new to shareit application, we have collected those important set of features and functions so as to hint you better. The amazing file transfer application is the best option for all the people who often need to move data in cross platforms.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes respectively, SHAREit is an authentic file transfer app that has been customised with hotspot direct Technology. It eliminates the use of old school bluetooth file transfer and works almost 200 times faster than an average file transfer app.

shareit apk
shareit apk


  • Repository of infinite videos: The file transfer application is not solely dedicated for moving files only.
  • It is also an amazing entertainment application that is equipped with high quality videos available for free.
  • The Infinite online video collection in the shareit application keeps you engrossed while the file transfer takes place.
  • Moreover, all the videos are available for offline and online news. It is all for your convenience how you prefer to watch them.
  • Trending music: The songs that have recently gone viral can be enjoyed with the file transfer application without any effort.
  • Shareit has a curated list for all the audiences that keeps them busy both offline and online.
  • Music and video player: Since there are options to enjoy music and videos online, the surprising application has a quality inbuilt music and video player.
  • It supports almost every format so that you do not have to download an additional application for watching any kind of content.
  • In fact, you can also replace the VLC or Windows Media Player and enjoy everything and the powerful Equaliser embedded in the multi functional app.
  • Support for multiple file formats: Shareit supports all varieties of file transfers including those with heavy sizes and differentiated format.
  • Pictures, videos, images, software, contacts or any other data that has to be moved from one location to another is effectively done using the shareit application.
  • Cross platform File Transfer app: Earlier, you could move files only in between the same operating systems. As, they had to be a lot of hassles involved in the entire process.
  • Luckily, Sharit cross-platform application has made it easy to move files between two operating systems.
  • As long as both the devices have the application, it’s a matter of just a few seconds to have the same set of data replicated in other gadgets.

Final words

The speediest cross stage file transfer application has enormous success because of two hundred times faster workability. It has been reviewed by hundreds of tech enthusiasts and also appreciated worldwide . The app has a user friendly interface and respective support for Android and IOS operating systems. There are literally no limitations for entertainment and convenience with the standalone shareit app. Android

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