JioGigaFiber,how to get jio fiber connection & official launch (September 5th 2019)


jio fiber
jio fiber registration
  • jio fiber will launch commercially on 5th spet 2019.
  • jio fiber’s speed to range between 100-mbps and 1-gbps.
  • jio fiber plans to range from Rs 700 to Rs 10,000 per month.
  • jio fiber plans to be bunlded with most premium OTT applications.
  • Premium jio fiber customers can watch new movies on the day of release and these service will be launched in the middle of 2020.
  • And jio fiber provides FREE 4K TV & SET-UP BOX for lifetime subscription.
  • Reliance Industries are taking over the flow with their new launch of Jio Gigafiber home which is putting other internet providers to shut down, previously Ambani’s put an end to the telecom operators with the Jio network now they are looking forward in the broadband services.
  • In this article today, we are going to discuss the plans, validity, availability, and cost for the plans of Jio Giga fiber Jio Giga TV and landline facilities.
  • The jio Giga fiber FTTH (fiber to the home) which is currently on trial phase whereas in the Industries (AGM) annual general meeting has announced the commercial roll-on will be on August 12 2019.
  • However, as of now, Jio is offering only its broadband service to be available for the customers who reportedly booked for connection some reports had suggested the IPTV and Voice calling will be soon in away.

Jio GigaFiber broadband plans, price

 how to get jio fiber
how to get jio fiber
  • The Jio is offering three packs, which are said to be available from 600 to 1000 per month. the jio is reportedly ranked third in place of ISP as the Jio offers for two plans which are of 50Mbps and 100Mbps plan which comes alongside with the three subscription plans include different services for Gigafiber as the base plan will only include internet connectivity and the second plan includes with the IPTV service, and the third plans includes the top-end access such as Internet connectivity, IPTV service and IOT (Internet of Things) service these plans could be starting at 500 to over 1000 INR of jio fiber recharge.
  • As the price for booking the connection is not revealed yet but as we can see, the trail phase is initiated in some cities and can soon be expected to launch all over India as some of the reports have come up with the preview offer by paying a refundable security deposit of 2500 INR and 4500 INR which you should make an online payment when the representative of Jio Gigafiber salesman comes to your home where you get a router from Jio which is a ONT device and called as GigaHub gateway. This subscription of Jio Gigafiber also brings Internet access to various Jio apps.

Launch date

  • As Reliance Industries is trying to make a burst out in broadband service. Where a limited launch of the Gigafiber has been testing out from July and taking advance registrations for the service in 1100 cities across the country.
  • As of now, the media reports for the commercial launch of Jio could be announced in the company’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Reliance Industries on August 12.
  • You can book your connection from here jio fiber official website 
  • jio fiber customer care 1800 889 9999 for any queries.


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