How to Fix Closed Eyes on iPhone: Expert Editing Tips

To edit closed eyes on iPhone, open the photo in editing mode and use the “All Photos” section to navigate to the picture. Select the “Edit” option and tap “Adjust” to find the “Luminance” slider.

Adjust the slider to lighten or darken the closed eyes for a natural look. Nowadays, with the prevalence of social media and the importance of visual content, editing photos right on our smartphones has become a common practice. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or simply looking to enhance your selfies, knowing how to edit closed eyes on an iPhone can make a significant difference in the final result.

Understanding the basic steps to editing closed eyes can help you achieve professional-looking photos without the need for expensive editing software. Let’s explore a simple and effective method to edit closed eyes on your iPhone and improve the overall quality of your photos.

How to Fix Closed Eyes on iPhone: Expert Editing Tips


Common Causes Of Closed Eyes On Iphone Photos

One common frustration when taking photos with an iPhone is capturing closed eyes in your pictures. There are several reasons why this may happen, ranging from poor lighting to timing issues. Let’s explore some of the common causes of closed eyes on iPhone photos.

Poor Lighting

Insufficient lighting can lead to closed eyes in iPhone photos as the camera struggles to capture clear images.

Red-eye Effect

The red-eye effect, caused by a reflection off the retina, can also make subjects appear as if their eyes are closed in photos.

Blinking At The Wrong Moment

Timing is crucial when capturing a photo, as blinking at the wrong moment can result in closed eyes in your iPhone pictures.

How to Fix Closed Eyes on iPhone: Expert Editing Tips


Quick Fixes Before Taking The Photo

Quick Fixes Before Taking the Photo:

Optimizing Lighting

Ensure natural light is facing the subject to prevent closed eyes. Adjust brightness in iPhone settings.

Using Red-eye Reduction Feature

Activate the red-eye reduction feature to minimize closed eyes in photos. It’s located in the iPhone camera settings.

Expert Editing Tips To Fix Closed Eyes

Learn expert editing tips to fix closed eyes on your iPhone photos. Use the “Heal” tool to carefully retouch closed eyes and bring life to your images. With just a few simple edits, you can transform your photos and create stunning portraits.

Selective Eye Replacement

When editing closed eyes on your iPhone, one effective technique is to perform selective eye replacement. To do this, use a photo editing app such as Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop Express. With these apps, you can carefully select and replace the closed eyes with open eyes from another photo. By using the “selective” feature, you can precisely replace the closed eyes without affecting the rest of the image.

Adjusting Eyelid Position

An important aspect of fixing closed eyes is adjusting the eyelid position to create a more natural and authentic appearance. With the editing tools available on your iPhone, such as the “Liquify” feature in apps like Facetune or the “Warp” tool in Adobe Photoshop Express, you can subtly adjust the eyelid position. By carefully manipulating the eyelid area, you can make the closed eyes appear more open and aligned with the rest of the facial features, resulting in a seamless and natural look.

Improving Eye Detail

Enhancing eye detail is crucial in making the edited eyes look realistic and lifelike. Using the “Sharpen” and “Clarity” tools in editing apps, you can bring out the intricate details of the eyes, such as the iris and eyelashes, to make them more defined and captivating. Additionally, adjusting the brightness and contrast can further enhance the overall appearance of the eyes, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the rest of the image.

Utilizing Specialized Apps For Eye Correction

Utilizing specialized apps for eye correction can be a game-changer when it comes to editing closed eyes on your iPhone photos. These dedicated tools offer a range of features and flexibility, making it easier than ever to fix closed eyes and enhance the overall look of your pictures. In this post, we will explore eye editing apps and highlight the benefits of using these tools.

Exploring Eye Editing Apps

When it comes to editing closed eyes on your iPhone, there are several specialized apps available that can help you achieve amazing results. These apps are designed with eye correction in mind, offering various tools and options tailored to address specific issues like closed or red eyes.

One popular app for eye editing is “Eye Correction App,” which provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. With this app, you can easily and quickly fix closed eyes in your photos. It offers an array of tools such as “Open Eyes” and “Eye Brightness” that allow you to adjust the position and appearance of closed eyes.

Another noteworthy app is “Eye Editor Pro.” This app stands out due to its advanced capabilities, allowing you to make precise edits with ease. It offers features like “Eye Position Fix” and “Eye Color Enhancement,” enabling you to correct closed eyes and enhance their natural beauty.

Benefits Of Using Dedicated Tools

Using dedicated tools for eye correction comes with several benefits that can greatly aid in editing closed eyes on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages these specialized apps offer:

  • Efficiency: These apps are designed specifically for eye editing, providing a streamlined workflow and minimizing the time and effort required to fix closed eyes in your photos.
  • Precision: Dedicated tools offer precise editing capabilities, allowing you to make accurate adjustments to the position, size, and appearance of closed eyes.
  • Advanced Features: Specialized apps come equipped with advanced features such as eye color enhancement, eye brightness adjustment, and even the ability to add catchlights, giving your photos a professional finish.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Most eye editing apps have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both beginners and professionals to navigate and utilize the tools effectively.

In conclusion, utilizing specialized apps for eye correction on your iPhone is a valuable technique to fix closed eyes and enhance your photos. These apps offer a range of powerful features and benefits, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results with ease.

Additional Tips And Considerations

When it comes to editing closed eyes on your iPhone photos, there are some additional tips and considerations worth keeping in mind. These will help you achieve natural-looking edits that seamlessly merge with the rest of the image. Let’s take a look at a couple of important factors:

Taking Multiple Shots

One of the effective techniques to avoid closed eyes in your photos is to take multiple shots. By doing so, you increase the chances of capturing the perfect moment when everyone’s eyes are open. Taking multiple shots also allows you to have a variety of expressions and poses to choose from, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging final photo.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the multiple shots are not identical. Varying the angle, framing, or even the lighting can bring a fresh perspective to your photos and increase the likelihood of at least one shot having open eyes. Don’t be afraid to experiment and capture different versions of the same scene.

Importance Of Natural Looking Edits

When editing closed eyes on your iPhone, it can be tempting to go overboard with adjustments and enhancements. However, it is crucial to keep the edits subtle and natural-looking. The goal is to make the eyes appear as if they were naturally open in the photograph.

To achieve this, avoid making the eyes look too bright or unrealistic. Instead, focus on enhancing the existing eye shape and adjusting the tone to match the rest of the image. Pay attention to the natural highlights and shadows, ensuring they align with the surrounding areas of the face.

Remember, the key is to seamlessly integrate the edits into the photo, so they are not immediately noticeable. A well-executed edit should just blend in, leaving viewers oblivious to the fact that any editing took place.

In conclusion, by taking multiple shots and applying natural-looking edits, you can effectively handle closed eyes in your iPhone photos. These additional tips and considerations will help you produce captivating images that reflect the true essence of the moment while preserving its authenticity.

How to Fix Closed Eyes on iPhone: Expert Editing Tips


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Edit Closed Eyes On Iphone

How Do You Fix Closed Eyes On Iphone Photos?

To fix closed eyes in iPhone photos, use the “Lively” app’s eye-opening feature. Simply select the closed eye area and replace it with an open eye from another photo.

How Do You Edit Closed Eyes In A Photo?

To edit closed eyes in a photo, use a photo editing software tool to carefully select and adjust the closed eyes area. Blend with the surrounding skin tone for a natural look. Adjust brightness and contrast as needed for a seamless result.

Is There An App To Open Closed Eyes In Photos?

Yes, there are apps available to open closed eyes in photos, such as Adobe Photoshop and FaceTune. These apps offer tools to digitally open closed eyes and enhance the overall appearance of the photo.

How Do You Open Closed Eyes In Facetune?

To open closed eyes in Facetune, use the “Eye Enhance” tool and carefully draw over the closed eyelids. Adjust the size and opacity of the brush for a natural look.


Editing closed eyes on iPhone is a straightforward process that can be achieved using various apps and techniques. It’s essential to select the method that best suits your needs and skill level. With these tips, you can easily enhance your photos to portray your subjects with open and natural-looking eyes.

Mastering this skill will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your photography.

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