How to Stop Others from Turning off Your Locked iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

To disable “Turn off iPhone when locked,” go to settings, select Touch ID & Passcode, then toggle off “Allow Access When Locked.” Ensuring your iPhone stays secure even when locked is crucial for protecting your personal data and maintaining privacy.

By disabling the option to turn off the iPhone when locked, you can prevent unauthorized access to your device and safeguard your information. With just a few simple steps in the settings menu, you can enhance the security of your iPhone and have peace of mind knowing that your device is well-protected.

By following these instructions, you can easily adjust your settings to meet your security preferences and keep your information safe at all times.

How to Stop Others from Turning off Your Locked iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Understanding The Issue

To disable the iPhone from turning off when locked, navigate to the “Settings” app, select “Face ID & Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode” and disable “Allow Access When Locked. ” This prevents the device from being powered off without unlocking it first, adding an extra layer of security.

Risk Of Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access to your device can lead to potential security breaches and compromise your personal information.

Importance Of Preventing Turn-off

Preventing your iPhone from being turned off when locked is crucial in safeguarding your data and maintaining control over your device.

Understanding the Issue:

When your iPhone can be turned off even when locked, it poses a significant security risk as unauthorized individuals can easily power down your device, preventing you from tracking or locating it in case of loss or theft.

Risk Of Unauthorized Access

In such scenarios, malicious actors can attempt to bypass security measures and gain access to sensitive information stored on your device, putting your privacy at risk.

Importance Of Preventing Turn-off

By disabling the ability to turn off your iPhone when locked, you enhance the security of your device and ensure that only authorized users can access its functionalities.

Setting Up Passcode And Face Id

Create a strong passcode and enable Face ID to secure your iPhone when locked.

Creating A Strong Passcode

To set up a robust passcode:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Face ID & Passcode.
  • Tap on “Turn Passcode On” and choose a 6-digit code.
  • Avoid simple combinations like “123456” or “000000”.
  • Use a mixture of numbers, letters, and special characters for better security.

Enabling Face Id

To enable Face ID:

  1. Access Settings and go to Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Enter your passcode and tap “Set Up Face ID”.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan your face.
  4. Ensure you are in a well-lit environment for accurate face mapping.
  5. Face ID provides a seamless unlocking experience with just a glance.

Using Guided Access Feature

If you’re looking to prevent your iPhone from being turned off when locked, the Guided Access feature can come to your rescue. This feature allows you to limit the device to a single app and control which features are available. In this case, it can be used to restrict the ability to power off the phone when it’s locked. Here’s how to activate and configure Guided Access on your iPhone.

Activating Guided Access

To activate Guided Access, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Accessibility.”
  3. Scroll down and select “Guided Access.”
  4. Toggle the switch to turn Guided Access on.

Setting Passcode For Guided Access

To set a passcode for Guided Access, which prevents someone from leaving an active session, do the following:

  1. After turning on Guided Access in the settings, open the app you want to use.
  2. Triple-click the side button (for iPhone models with Face ID) or the home button (for iPhone models with Touch ID).
  3. Tap “Options” in the lower-left corner.
  4. Turn on the “Time Limit” and “Touch ID or Face ID” options (if desired).
  5. Tap “Passcode Settings” to set a passcode.
How to Stop Others from Turning off Your Locked iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Enabling Find My Iphone

Find My iPhone is a powerful feature that allows you to track your iPhone’s location, lock it remotely, and even erase its data if it falls into the wrong hands. Enabling Find My iPhone is a crucial step in securing your device and ensuring that you can locate it if it gets lost or stolen. Let’s take a look at how you can turn on and activate this feature.

Turning on Find My iPhone is a straightforward process that takes only a few simple steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on your Apple ID, which is usually located at the top of the list.
  3. In the Apple ID menu, tap on the “Find My” option.
  4. Toggle on the “Find My iPhone” switch to enable the feature.
  5. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action.

Once you have turned on Find My iPhone, you can use the Find My app or go to on a computer to track the location of your device. But that’s not all – there’s another useful feature called Lost Mode that you can activate to take additional measures to protect your iPhone.

Activating Lost Mode is a crucial step if you believe your iPhone has been lost or stolen. It allows you to lock your device remotely and display a custom message with contact information on the lock screen. Follow these steps to activate Lost Mode:

  1. Open the Find My app on another iOS device or go to on a computer.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Select your iPhone from the list of devices.
  4. Tap on the “Actions” button.
  5. Choose “Lost Mode” from the options.
  6. Enter a contact phone number and a custom message to be displayed on the lock screen.
  7. Tap on “Activate” to enable Lost Mode.

Now, if someone finds your iPhone, they will see your contact information and be able to reach out to you. You can still track the location of your device while it’s in Lost Mode and even remotely erase its data if necessary.

Utilizing Restrictions And Screen Time

Looking to control screen time on your iPhone? Learn how to disable turning off your iPhone when locked to manage restrictions effectively and promote healthier device usage. Lock down settings to maintain screen time restrictions and protect your phone from unauthorized shutdown.

If you want to prevent your iPhone from being turned off when locked, you can take advantage of the Restrictions and Screen Time features offered by iOS. These powerful tools allow you to control and limit various aspects of your device, including the ability to disable the power-off function. By setting up Content & Privacy Restrictions and using Downtime and App Limits, you can ensure that your iPhone remains protected even when it is in someone else’s hands.

Setting Content & Privacy Restrictions

To disable the option to turn off your iPhone when locked, you need to enable Content & Privacy Restrictions. These settings allow you to restrict specific features and actions on your device. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Screen Time and tap on it.
  3. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. If prompted, enter your passcode or set up a new one.
  5. Toggle on the Content & Privacy Restrictions switch.

Once you’ve enabled Content & Privacy Restrictions, you can customize the restrictions to suit your needs. You can limit the use of certain apps, prevent changes to privacy settings, and even restrict explicit content. By carefully selecting the options that align with your requirements, you can effectively disable the ability to turn off your iPhone when locked.

Using Downtime And App Limits

In addition to Content & Privacy Restrictions, you can further safeguard your iPhone by utilizing the Downtime and App Limits features within Screen Time. Downtime allows you to schedule periods during which certain apps or device functions are unavailable, giving you more control over your device usage. App Limits, on the other hand, enable you to set time limits for specific app categories or individual apps.

By configuring Downtime and setting appropriate App Limits, you can create a more locked-down environment for your iPhone. This ensures that even if someone gains physical access to your device, they won’t be able to turn it off without your permission.

Remember to keep your passcode secure and avoid sharing it with anyone to maintain the effectiveness of these restrictions. With a few simple settings tweaks, you can significantly enhance the security and peace of mind that comes with owning an iPhone.

How to Stop Others from Turning off Your Locked iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Disable Turn Off Iphone When Locked

How Do I Stop My Iphone Lock Screen From Turning Off?

To stop your iPhone lock screen from turning off, go to Settings, then Display & Brightness. Adjust the Auto-Lock setting to a desired time or select Never for it to stay on.

How Do I Turn Off Switch Control When My Iphone Is Locked?

To turn off Switch Control when your iPhone is locked, press the Home button three times quickly. Then, tap the “Options” button and select “Switch Control Settings. ” Finally, toggle off “Switch Control” to disable it when the phone is locked.

How Do I Stop Someone From Switching Off My Iphone?

To prevent someone from turning off your iPhone, you can set a passcode or enable Touch ID/Face ID authentication. This way, only you can access your device and make changes. Additionally, you can enable the “Find My” feature, which allows you to track and remotely lock your iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen.

How Do I Turn Off Control When My Iphone Is Locked?

To turn off control on your locked iPhone: 1. Press the power button quickly two times. 2. On the lock screen, look for the control center. 3. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to bring up the control center.

4. Tap the lock icon at the top-right corner of the control center. 5. This will disable control center access when your iPhone is locked.


To wrap it up, knowing how to disable turn off iPhone when locked is essential for safeguarding your device’s security. By following the simple steps outlined in this post, you can ensure that unauthorized users will not be able to power off your iPhone without your permission.

Protect your phone and keep your personal data secure with these easy-to-follow tips.

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