Do Android Watches Work with iPhones?

Smartwatches are becoming an increasingly popular tech accessory that offers notifications, tracking features, and more right on your wrist. With two major smartwatch operating systems—Apple’s watchOS and Google’s Wear OS—a common question for iPhone users is: Can I use an Android smartwatch with my iPhone?

The short answer is yes, you can pair an Android smartwatch with an iPhone. However, there are some important limitations in functionality you need to be aware of. While an Android watch will work decently well with an iPhone for basic features, you won’t get the seamless integration and optimization that comes with pairing an Apple Watch to an iPhone.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the details on using an Android smartwatch with an iPhone. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How the different watch operating systems work
  • What features you can expect to work
  • Major limitations to keep in mind
  • Tips to improve Android & iPhone compatibility
  • Recommended Android watches for iOS users

Let’s get started!

Background on Smartwatch Operating Systems

First, let’s quickly discuss how the different smartwatch operating systems work. This will give important context on Android and iPhone compatibility.

Apple Watches run on watchOS, Apple’s proprietary operating system optimized specifically for its watches. watchOS seamlessly integrates with iOS and iPhone hardware for the best experience. However, watchOS only works with iPhones at this time.

Android smartwatches run on Wear OS, Google’s operating system for wearable devices. Wear OS is designed to work with both Android phones and iPhones. However, compatibility will be less seamless with iPhones since Wear OS is not tailored specifically for iOS.

What Works: Android Watch Features Compatible with iPhone

When you pair an Android smartwatch with an iPhone, here are the key features you can expect to work together:

Notifications: You can receive notifications from iPhone apps on your Android watch. This includes texts, emails, social media alerts, calendar events, and more. Keep in mind you may need to manually enable notifications for each app you want alerts for on your watch.

Quick replies: You can quickly reply to some notifications directly from your Android watch, depending on the app. For example, you may be able to dictate or send a preset quick reply to an incoming text message.

Text messages: You can view, read, and respond to SMS text messages from your iPhone on your Android watch. This gives you the ability to carry on text conversations from your wrist.

Phone calls: You can make and receive phone calls on your Android watch when paired to your iPhone. The watch acts as a speaker and microphone for phone calls routed through your iPhone.

Fitness & health tracking: Most Android watches have built-in fitness and activity tracking features that will still work when paired with an iPhone. You can track steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, and more.

Music controls: You can control music playback on your iPhone using music apps on your Android watch. This allows you to pause, skip, adjust volume, etc. right from your wrist.

What Doesn’t Work: Major Limitations of Android Watches with iPhones

While you get those basic compatibilities, there are some major limitations to keep in mind when using an Android smartwatch with an iPhone:

No iMessage support: You cannot view or reply to iMessages from your Android watch. iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging platform that only works between Apple devices. SMS texts will come through, but you miss out on expanded iMessage functionality.

Limited app integration: Watch apps designed specifically for Wear OS may have limited functionality when paired with an iPhone. And iOS apps don’t directly integrate with Android watches. So you’ll miss out on some app features compared to Android phone users.

No watch face customization: You can’t customize Android watch faces from your iPhone like you can with Apple Watch and watchOS. You’ll need to use the Wear OS phone app on an Android device to customize watch faces.

Reduced smartphone controls: You don’t get deep smartphone controls like you can with an Apple Watch and iPhone. For example, you can’t activate Siri or use your Android watch as a camera remote for your iPhone.

No ECG or fall detection: Advanced health sensor features like ECG, fall detection, and blood oxygen monitoring may not sync reliably to an iPhone. These were designed for Android phones.

Tips to Improve Android Watch Compatibility with iPhone

While Android watch compatibility with iPhone is limited, there are some tips to improve the experience:

Use companion apps – Apps like FeelTheWear and WatchDots can expand the functionality of Wear OS watches with iPhones. This includes extra notification actions, quick reply buttons, and more.

Optimize notifications – Carefully manage which apps provide notifications on your Android watch from your iPhone. Disable non-essential alerts to reduce clutter.

Add useful watch apps – Stick to Wear OS apps and watch faces that are designed to sync directly with iPhone. Research apps that work well with both platforms.

Connect to WiFi – When possible, connect your Android watch to WiFi to reduce dependency on your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. This can improve syncing.

Enable useful quick replies – Customize your quick reply messages for texts, emails, and common notifications. This allows you to respond right from your watch screen.

Overall, you’ll have a better Android watch experience when you selectively manage connections, customize notifications and quick replies, and stick to cross-platform apps.

Recommended Android Watches for iPhone Users

If you do want to use an Android watch with your iPhone, these options offer the smoothest compatibility:

  • Fossil Gen 6 – Stylish design with SpO2 sensor and good connectivity.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – Great fitness tracking with advanced sensors.
  • Google Pixel Watch – Google’s new watch has slick UI optimized for iPhone.
  • TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra – Top performance with dual-layer display innovation.

While Apple Watch still provides the most seamless and optimized iPhone pairing, these Android watches can deliver solid basic smartwatch functionality for iOS users. Focus on their fitness, notification, and music control capabilities.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Android watches with iPhones:

Can I text from an Android watch on iPhone?

Yes, you can view and respond to SMS text messages. However, you cannot access iMessages.

Do Android watches work with iPhone fitness apps?

Some basic fitness tracking like steps and heart rate will sync to iPhone apps like Apple Health. But integration will not be as deep as with Apple Watch.

Can I customize watch faces on my Android watch with an iPhone?

Unfortunately no. You can only customize and download new watch faces from the Wear OS app on Android phones.

How good is Siri integration with an Android watch paired to iPhone?

There is no Siri integration. You cannot activate Siri or dictate messages via an Android watch. Voice commands are limited.

Should I get an Apple Watch or Android watch for my iPhone?

Apple Watch is better optimized for iPhone users since it runs on watchOS. But an Android watch can still provide basic notifications, tracking, and quick replies.


While Android smartwatches are designed to work with both Android and iOS, they will have limited compatibility with iPhones compared to using an Apple Watch. You can get basic functionality like notifications, fitness tracking, quick replies, and music controls. However, you’ll miss out on deeper OS integrations and some advanced features.

Focus on cross-platform apps and manage your connections and notifications carefully. For the best seamless experience with an iPhone, Apple Watch is still the way to go. But an Android watch can provide an alternative for basic on-the-go smartwatch features if you don’t want to spend money on an Apple Watch.

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