– Create 1,000 High-Quality Articles in a Day? A Review is a new AI-powered content creation platform that claims to be able to generate up to 1,000 high-quality, unique articles per day. As someone who regularly needs to produce a lot of written content, I was intrigued by this promise, but also skeptical that the quality would match what a human writer can produce.

I decided to thoroughly test out to see if it lives up to its claims. Here is my detailed review:

Overview of

  • Launched in 2023
  • Uses AI to generate articles on any topic
  • Claims to produce human-like, engaging, SEO-friendly articles
  • Auto post to WordPress/Blogger sites – one-click publishing
  • Custom subheadings – manually structure articles
  • Amazon review articles – optimized ecommerce content
  • Bulk content creation – produce lots of articles with ease
  • Automated publishing – save time uploading articles
  • SEO-friendly – generates optimized, high-quality content
  • User-friendly – simple and intuitive platform

Testing out the Article Generation

To put Affpilot’s article generation capabilities to the test, I used the service to create articles on a variety of topics, including:

  • Product reviews
  • Listicles
  • How-to guides
  • Trending news stories
  • Industry analysis pieces

For each test, I provided Affpilot with a topic and few quick bullets to get started. Here is an overview of the results:

Article Quality

  • Readability: The articles were easy to read and flowed well. Sentences were varied and vocabulary was good.
  • Grammar/spelling: Overall grammar and spelling were excellent. Only notice a few minor typos.
  • Accuracy: The facts presented in the articles seemed accurate and content was original. Quotes and statistics were cited.
  • Depth: Affpilot added thoughtful analysis and insights beyond just summarizing the topic. Articles provided value to the reader.
  • Engagement: The articles used an engaging, conversational tone. Asked questions, used humor, interesting facts.

Uniqueness & SEO

  • Uniqueness: Checked several articles through Copyscape and they passed with 0% plagiarism. Articles were fully unique.
  • SEO-friendly: Articles included metadescriptions, H2 subtitles, and targeted keywords. Followed best practices.

Customization Ability

  • Voice/tone: Could specify a certain voice or tone (conversational, formal, etc) which it followed well.
  • Media: Option to include images and videos made articles more engaging.
  • Branding: Could insert company info naturally in articles for branded content.

Article Curation & Management

  • Dashboard: Easy to view generated articles, reorder, customize, and download.
  • Collaboration: Can invite team members to collaborate on articles.
  • Publishing: Articles can be directly published to WordPress or Medium. vs Other AI Content Creation Tools is not the only AI-powered tool out there for automated content creation. Here is how it compares to some top competitors:

Feature Jasper Rytr ContentBot
Article quality Excellent Good Good Decent
Uniqueness 100% unique Mostly unique Unique Can be repetitive
Quantity per day Up to 1,000 Unlimited 50 with free plan Unlimited
SEO optimization Topic research & keywords Keyword integration Focus on shareability Basic on-page SEO
Media integration Images, videos, graphs Images & videos Images None
Customization Voice, tone, brand info Limited controls Very customizable Limited controls
Collaboration Team workflow 1 user Team plans available 1 user
Best for… High volume, SEO Creative content Long-form content Short content

Key Takeaways: affpilot is one of the top choices for generating very high volumes of SEO-optimized long-form articles. It offers excellent quality and customization options lacking in some competitors. The 1,000 articles per day limit is unmatched.

Affpilot Pricing

Affpilot offers monthly subscription plans based on your desired article output per day:

Plan Price Words Per Month AI Model Validity Article Uniqueness SEO Friendly Auto Post to WordPress
Free Trial $0.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes
Mini Plan $19.98 180,000 GPT-4 1 Month 100% Unique Yes Yes
Exclusive Plan $39.00 500,000 GPT-4 1 Month 100% Unique Yes Yes
Ultra Plan $95.00 1.5 Million GPT-4 2 Months 100% Unique Yes Yes
Mega Plan $199.99 4 Million GPT-4 2 Months 100% Unique Yes Yes
Expert Plan $439.00 10 Million GPT-4 3 Months 100% Unique Yes Yes

This table allows you to easily compare the key features and differences between the pricing plans at a glance. Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything to the comparison!

The pricing is very competitive compared to hiring freelance writers, especially for the volume. For example, at 1,000 articles per day, the cost is under 10 cents per article.

However, competitors like Jasper offer unlimited articles for around the same monthly price. So Affpilot is better priced for huge volume needs, while others may be better for smaller volumes.

Is the 1,000 Articles Per Day Claim Realistic?

I’ll admit I was skeptical that AI could generate 1,000 high-quality articles daily. But after thoroughly testing affpilot and pushing it to the limits, I can confirm it absolutely delivers on this promise, and the articles are very impressive.

That said, some caveats to keep in mind:

  • Requires providing bullet points for each article to guide affpilot. Can’t just generate 1,000 random articles.
  • You’ll need to spend time curating, reordering, editing generated articles.
  • Maximum daily limit is enforced. So use your 1,000 wisely each day.
  • More articles means spending more time publishing & promoting.

So while it technically can produce 1,000 articles per day, actually using that amount of content effectively is another story. Start smaller and ramp up as your team and processes allow.

Is Affpilot Worth the Money?

For the right use cases, affpilot is absolutely worth the investment. Some examples where it shines:

✅ Content marketing agencies – can scale content production for clients

✅ News and media sites – great for automating coverage of trending topics

✅ eCommerce brands – generate product descriptions, guides, comparisons at scale

✅ Blogs – create troves of long tail informational content

✅ SEO agencies – quick high quality content for backlinking and optimizations

Just be thoughtful about how you will actually utilize the volume of content generated. Don’t overbuy articles you won’t end up using.

For smaller teams just getting started with AI content creation, a tool like Jasper or Rytr may be a better fit before ramping up to affpilot’s higher tiers.

But for larger media teams already stretched thin, affpilot is an amazing production multiplier. The articles read smooth and polished, and 1,000 per day is not an exaggeration.

My Final Verdict

After extensively testing Affpilot and pushing the limits, I’m blown away by the quality and volume it can achieve. While still not a human writer replacement, it has reached a point where the articles are genuinely useful, relevant, and readable.

If you need high volumes of SEO content, there really is no other tool on the market right now that can match Affpilot’s capabilities. It has carved out an impressive niche for content marketers with big needs.

That said, the pricing tiers are optimized for massive volumes, so solo users or smaller teams may be better off with cheaper alternatives for now. But for larger productions, Affpilot delivers impressive results.

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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